New To Medicare?

No Problem, You Are In Good Hands!

Turning 65 or becoming eligible for Medicare can be a daunting milestone, but with Atlas Senior Benefits by your side, the process becomes more accessible and less overwhelming. We are dedicated to simplifying the journey and ensuring you comprehend all your healthcare choices clearly.

What does it cost? This is our favorite question to answer. Our collaboration with you comes at absolutely no cost, which is one of the most rewarding aspects of our service. You won't have to pa a single cent-zilch, nada, nothing. As experts in the field, we work with over 20 Medicare Insurance companies every year, and our compensation, which is standardized from CMS, comes from the insurance company of your choice.

Here's how our process works: First, we guide you through the workings and costs of Original Medicare (Part A & B). Then, through a series of fact-finding questions, we gain a better understanding of your unique situation. Armed with this knowledge, we present you with every conceivable option, leaving the ultimate informed decision in your hands. With a solid plan in place, we remain committed to providing ongoing uVideopdates and communication throughout the year. You can rest assured that we are always available to address any issues or concerns, treating you like family.

As you embark on your journey with Medicare, remember that understanding your options is the key to making informed decisions about your healthcare coverage. At Atlas Senior Benefits we are committed to providing you with the knowledge and support you need to navigate the complexities of Medicare confidently. Whether you're new to Medicare or considering changes to your existing plan, we're hear to help you every step of the way!

Feel free to reach out to our team of experts for personalized guidance and ensure you get the best Medicare coverage that aligns with your unique healthcare needs. Give us a call:

Medicare Advantage

Unbiased Evaluation Of ALL Plans

We represent many different plans in your area and though there isn't one plan that best for everyone there is one plan that's best for you! Let us help you find it!

Medicare Supplements

Explained and Quoted

Medicare Supplement plans all typically work the same. We can help you find the plan that works best for you and help you find the best rate!

Prescription Drug Plans

Let Us Do The Homework

What looks like the right plan can turn into a disastrous plan if you don't thoroughly research your prescription drugs. We take the time to make sure your scripts are covered!


Comparing Medicare Options has never been easier...

Easily compare more than 20 Medicare plans with one phone call

Local Expertise and Guidance You Can Rely On...

We are partnered and certified with more than 20 Medicare plans every year and all of our agents are local

Independent and Informative...

Being independent gives our clients the ability to compare the benefits of every plan offered in your area and stay informed with changes and updates all year round!


Gary W - Port Richey, FL


"When I was looking at Medicare for the first time I didn't know what to do! The folks at Atlas Benefits were extremely helpful and since they represent so many companies I knew they were able to get me the right plan. Thank you!"


Maria M - Trinity, FL


"Roy explained to me about my guarantee issue period and while I met with two other agents, neither of them went over this. Thank goodness I never went with that first plan choice because I wouldn't have this Medicare supplement coverage right now. I am very grateful!"



  • Independent! We represent many insurance carriers, not just one!

  • Dependable! Locally owned and operated, no calls from telemarketers out of state!

  • Informative! We educate you about Medicare so that you make an informed decision!

  • Certified! We are trained and certified each year with every carrier we represent!

  • Comprehensive! We are knowledgeable about Medicare Advantage, MediGap and Part D Drug Plans!

  • Current! We provide periodic updates and yearly reviews!

  • FREE! Our services are always free to our clients!

  • Advocates! Have an agent that will help make sure your plan works for you and you're not working for your plan!

  • Available! Appointments are done at our office, in your home or a neutral location!

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